How the Vacation Certificates Work

Give certificate when a customer makes purchase, takes test drive, etc.
Customer pays $12 processing fee for 2-night voucher
Customer makes reservation (60 days in advance).
Customer gets 2 nights free.
Customer only has to pay the tax on the room after the $12 processing fee.
There are no time share presentations or sales presentations.
Free Hotel rooms are valued at $80 to $200 per night, depending on the destination.

OK, What’s the Catch?
There is no catch, but there are some restrictions. The hotels only make these deals available for the times when they know they will have vacancies. They know that most of their free guests will spend money while they are there – in their restaurants and their gift shops. Many of the free guests will also pay to extend their stay by a night or two, so the hotels still make money on most of their free guests.
There are No Sales Presentations

Your recipients will not have to sit through a time-share or other sales presentations. They are regular guests in the hotel. Just like any other guests, but they are free. Frequently Asked Questions About Free Vacations


Many resort hotels have empty rooms during non-peak times. We contract with them to fill the rooms that would have been empty otherwise. They know you will probably buy meals and spend other money while you are there, and they know that many people will come back as paying guests.
You will get a mid-range accommodations. Not the Hyatt. Not Motel 6. Something in between
No. There will be no sales presentation to sit through or any other requirements of any kind.
No. You are on your own for meals and transportation.
No. You can travel any way you want – even drive your own car.
No. No other purchases of any kind are required to redeem your vacation certificate.
We have contracted the vacations for you from a travel brokerage company for your enjoyment. We cannot be liable for misunderstandings or disappointments for failure to perform.
You must book your vacation at least 60 days in advance. Accommodations are available Sunday-Thursday nights during non-holiday weeks. They may be unavailable at other times during peak travel or conventions in some instances. You pay just the room tax and $12 reservation fee – your total hotel cost is about $30 in most cases. The amount of tax you pay depends on the value of the room and the tax rate in the area where you will stay.
Select the destination Mail or call for your reservation form with the $12 reservation fee. Use the reservation form to reserve your hotel room. You will pay the room tax at that time directly to the hotel. Enjoy your vacation!
When you make your reservation, ask the hotel if they will have vacancies before or after your 2 nights. Most hotels will be delighted to have you extend your stay and have you pay for the extra nights